Are pvp pets worth it

Obviously, I own all the pvp pets with silver marks and maxed them with minion orbs. I am curious if other players are buying the pvp pets with gold marks. Almost every week, I usually get 1 book with gold marks. 2 of my guild members are going for the pets first. Currently, I have 5 kingdoms maxed to 20 and currently, I have 5 kingdoms at 19 and 3 at 18. I am thankful they added books as a reward for pvp, but I don’t know which direction they are going with the pets. When I was comparing stats in pvp and explore, I didn’t see the pet bonus, so I don’t know if it is applying the bonus to both or neither. Any advice would be appreciated, but I don’t really see much benefit from acquiring the pvp pets with gold marks. Every Monday, I am tempted to buy a pet, but I change my mind at the last second and get a book.


Iv all the silver
And iv bought two off the gold mark ones Upto know.
Also iv orbed them to mythic.

It’s best remembering PvP is still a very new mode.

And these pets may be modified in the future.

Il be getting all the gold ones.

I just hope PvP pets are never in pet gnome spawns, or it’ll be a really stupid use of minion orbs for us.

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Silver Dragoon’s bonus can only work in one scenario: Winter’s Reach has Glacial Peaks restriction, and you use Dragonguard Hero, Borealis and Sapphirax. Definitely not worth the gold marks IMO.

Silver mark pet Top Draug’s bonus has no scenario at all where its bonus activates. Not very well thought out.


I agree. A lot off them don’t work.

That’s why I think they’ll be modified properly.


For kingdom leveling. I just grab one of each and then orb them

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If you have all the other pets, none of the gold mark pets helps with kingdom power. They are all from kingdoms that have 5+ other pets.

I don’t think they’re worth passing up on 15 books of deeds. I won’t be getting any unless they become available some other way.

Dhrak-Zum, Sin of Maraj and Mydnight are the only kingdoms short of the 5 pets needed for max kingdom power.


we had the same comments from our guild. Some players feel the pets will be corrected in future updates. And if the devs pull them and give us a new set, it might be a year before we may have access to the original set. similar to the concept of war coins. A few of our guys just finished collecting all of them. Originally, I felt a permanent upgrade for getting a kingdom power to 30 for all troops is a better result than getting a few attribute points for a specific group.

I feel like you should get at least one of each pet before they change anything about it

Get them at least once asap, before the next 20 pets are added. Or you might have to wait forever to get them.

I’m currently of the mindset that these “pvp” pets should just work globally. The pets can be left as pvp shop purchases.

Having those pets be global benefits is just less wondering about if its actually doing anything and gives a better reason to collect them.


I think removing the pets’ region restrictions while keeping the PvP restriction would be OK.

For example, several regions can potentially use a 3+ Wargare team, but not Ancient Khet, the only region where Top Draug’s bonus can activate.

I’m not too worried about them rotating out. They’re totally not worth it while deed books, the main block to kingdom power, are so scarce.

I will collect pets after I level up all kingdoms to the maximum level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of my guild mates brought up a good point. Years ago, when players weren’t seeing an Imperial deed for months, I was getting 5-10 per month. I did a ton of arena back in the day and was getting deeds offers almost daily. When I got all my kingdoms to level 16 years ago, I asked the community if there were any other players who did it as well. I might have been the first player to do it on all platforms. Others started to do the same thing and were playing catch up. So, because I am so far ahead, they suggested I should be cautious and get the pvp pets, just in case they update them and decide to remove them. I am working on my 2nd set of kingdoms on all colors to get them to 20. I got 5 of them at 19 or just short of 1 book to hit 19 and the 6th one just hit 18. Despite getting all the pets, I am still projected to have 11-12 kingdoms maxed at 20 before the year is done. And so I decided I will go for them.