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Are Godslayer Troop Throwaways?

Without the boss damage multiplier, Xiong Mao is kinda useless. He is quite handy this week for the raid event but next week his only place to shine will be in dungeons - something most mid/end game players don’t really have trouble with in the first place.

Given the kingdom restriction, we won’t be able to use him again in future raids either until Shentang is repeated.

So, are we essentially going to get a new throwaway Godslayer troop every couple weeks to use for that event’s raid and forget about? Or are these troops also going to play some role in the invasion event? Are dungeons going to get reworked so that using a Godslayer becomes more necessary?

I obviously understand that Godslayer troops can be used in normal explore/PVP teams but when the spell and legendary trait are designed for targeting a troop you won’t face in those modes, using them seems illogical…


Against BOSS types. Not raid specific. Can be used in dungeon… useless unless mythic though really. As my team I use at rank 190 includes doomclaw a mythic, and 3 legendaries… so can dish out massively more damage

Zuul’goth when crafted in the forge is a “boss” creature type. So one would assume over time additional “bosses” can be acquired by players and used in attack/def teams. So there may be additional uses for Godslayer beyond dungeons & raid. How useful is yet to be determined.


Newer people might find them useful for Dungeon bosses, but mid to top end players probably wont use them much

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I think the biggest problem here is that these troops cost 100 gems! If I’m paying that much for one troop, it should be more versatile…


Yeah, but… your username is “Bear” and Xiong Mao is a bear!:open_mouth: Why are you not spending all your gems on him?:thinking: I would totally spend all my gems on a bunny, even if it’s useless.

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This first one is anyway it’s utter garbage against anything other than Zuul imo.

It is so limited in what it can do I’m on portal 7 and basically it is of zero use other than hitting Zuul which is taking 3 hits now to kill and he’s a fully traited legendary :frowning:

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In 96 weeks, the raids will rotate and he’ll have a use again :wink:

It feels like the devs didn’t lead with their best plays. I think that was intentional. If every Godslayer were amazing that’d be some nasty power creep.

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It’s a weird one. They’re useful for newer players because they can still be used in Dungeons.

However it’s mainly end game players that can ascend and trait them…making them useful. But we don’t need them for Dungeons as they’re piss easy anyway.

At this point, beyond this specific event… yes, looks like.

If any newer player is looking at this and thinking about chasing them to use for dungeon bosses, post with some details about your collection or a link so we can give you some better (and probably cheaper) options.


Aside from tezca, I know a couple years back bunni’nog was purchasable with glory, back when the packs didn’t suck. Who knows though around this Easter of he will show up or not though, but that even assumes you don’t already have him mythic and traited.

LOL. I have him at Mythic. TBH, all the :bear:s in this game kinda suck (except me). Doomclaw was a big disappointment…

They will probably be useful in the Boss meta in PVP in the future.

Are there going to be other bosses? I though we just had different version of Z for raids and only 1 craftable version of him. I don’t think dungeon bosses were ever going to be released…

I would guess that they will probably release new craftable bosses over time that will make their way into PVP. No way of saying for sure, but that’s just my impression.