Are Godslayer and Siegebreaker Epic troops even possible to appear in summoning stones?

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Plenty of times. I constantly see Xiong Mao and quite a few other ones.

Now if you want a specific one, good luck with that


Ah, now that you mention Xiong Mao I think I’ve seen it as well. So probably the troops are in the draw pool. I thought there have been none available yet.

OK, you all are free to post bunnies now


All of us? You mean one of us…


am i doing this right?




I’ll post a better pic than a bunny. :smirk_cat:


And I will post a dinosaur.




Yes they are possible to drop in the summoning stones.


That’s probably more valuable than most Godslayer or Siegebreaker troops. Lol.


Yeah because he barriers.