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Are Arena matches PVP or PVE?

Hi All,

Could someone please tell me if Arena matches are PVP or PVE.

I’ve tried reading online and found this info: “Arena is a Mini Game located in Broken Spire that allows you to face off against other players under special rules.” which suggests it’s PVP.

On the other hand, I also saw this: “Each match is a fight against another person’s team around your own level that is controlled by the AI.”

Is it possible that Arena matches are PVE, but use teams based on other player’s choices within the Arena?

PvE, but based on actual players’ Arena run builds.

As opposed to the PvP mode, which is PvE really as it’s the AI controlling a player’s defence team…

There’s another thread nearby about true PvP… Not that I think I’d be a fan of that…

Thanks for the info folks, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

My thing is that i have to leave randomly because of… life stuff. So i cant really do pvp. :frowning: would hate to miss a new minigame because of realife issues.

True PVP is not inconceivable. It was in Puzzle Strike, which means they already have the know how.
Gems of War would also have a much larger player base.

The only factor would be balance. Mr Sammy will kick my blue butt each and every game of the day.
His troops are far superior to mine in every way. (Plus he’s probably a better player than I, as well.)

So you could perhaps code it to try and group player level together, in which case players who purchase are probably going to exceed players who grind.

Or you could code it to measure your team strengths and give rewards based on ‘odds’, or even (like horse racing) give handicaps to the higher player by adding 10% / 20% / ? to the stats of the lower player.
This would be quite difficult to get right, I would think.

Or just keep it a casual thing, that you know going in you will be in an unbalanced match, but hey. bragging rights.

Can’t wait for the goblin matchups… Would totally take 4 minutes per match there.

The answer you are looking for but did not expect to read to your question is yes.