Are all Mythic's available in guild chests during off weeks, or just specific ones?


Weird question, but does anyone know what Mythic’s are available in guild chests during off weeks? Are they all available or just specific ones? By off weeks, I mean weeks when a new Mythic isn’t available in guild chests. Typically, as a guild, we wait until a new Mythic hits the guild chests to push for 40k seals, but we have a new member who has a ton of guild seals who is scratching to use some, so we might try to push for 40k this week. I was just wondering how the Mythic situation works on off weeks…I don’t want him/us to get screwed over if the Mythic pot is not what it should be on off weeks.


All the mythics that are available to appear in Glory, Gem or VIP chests should also be available in the higher-level Guild chests. I’m not certain that Ubastet would be available since he was released less than 4 weeks ago, but Taransworld says he is in, so he probably is.


Awesome thanks! I figured as much, but just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:


All are available


“All” mythics are available in guild chests starting to 20k seals. There’s a reason that’s in quotes.

Mythics are no exception to the “3-5 weeks” rule. Once any troop releases, it is present for a week, then removed from all pools for “3-5 weeks”. So when a mythic comes out, it gets its exclusive week, and if you don’t get it, you have to wait before it’s added to the pool.

You can track this yourself, or just go check at to see what’s in any given chest. Ubastet is in the pool for Guild chests starting at 20k seals, according to the charts.


Can you explain the apparent contradiction in your statements?

Ubastet was released on June 1, which is about 2.5 weeks ago, yet taransworld is saying it is in chests now. Sirrian’s release notes for Ubastet don’t make any reference to the usual 3-4 week waiting period, only the 7 day exclusive period.

I think the waiting period may not apply for mythics as it does for most other troops.

Edit: after checking some older posts and the GOW events spreadsheet, it seems as though mythics go right into the drop pool after their exclusive week ends.


Honestly your post probably explains the contradiction. Maybe I’m wrong and the 3-5 week wait doesn’t apply to mythics.


After doing some more research, I’m pretty sure that is the case now. I was much less sure when I posted my original response an hour ago, which is why I hedged about Ubastet.