Archduke spell

The Archduke has been considered as the Walmart Zuul’goth by the community since it came out. It requires high magic, no skulls generation for extra turn chances, etc, etc.

This week is Blighted land week, my Archduke actually gets 70 magic initially (in a full Blighted land daemon team) to have a decent chance of insta kill. However, it summons something that is not only useless, but also blocks his mana… And that thing is not even from this kingdom, so if you are using the kind of weapon that generates gems based on kingdom troops, it lowers the looping chance.

Please consider change the summon to something more useful, at least not mana blocking, or simply drop the summon idea and add some more useful effects.
Hint: curse and burn all enemies, maybe even some skull generation. A certain hero class from this kingdom does have Fireblade but there is no mass burning spell or traits in this so called daemon kingdom.


Lucifria (burns all)
Hellhound (burns target)

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You are right, my mistake for saying “No troop”, should have been more accurate and say “hardly any troop” or “no useful troop”

Now can we be back to the main issue?

If you want the devs to review and possibly respond to this, you’ll want to change the category to: #feature-requests

Consort of Darkness is the Walmart Zuul. Archduke is the Dollar Tree off-brand :joy: