Arcane Stealth Traitstone

I 100% completed Whitehelm trying to get the stealth traitstone on warlord 5 and did not get it. Am I %$#%$ed now?

No you could just repeat the challenges over and over. Alternatively you could set it as home and try getting them from revenge battles.


You’re still fine. You can farm the challenges over and over.

We players guess the drop rate on Arcane Traitstones to be around 1-3%.

In the link below, it tells you which city has which traitstone.

However, Arcane Stealth is not Whitehelm:


Whoops I meant summer. Was reading another thread at the same time.

But I never tried to redo challenges. Cool.

So should I set my defense to 1 dude so I can do revenge battles more often?


Also, difficulty doesn’t increase the rarity of traitstone drops. The only thing difficulty does is increase your chance of getting a drop. Warlord IV is 100% chance, but the chance is high enough on normal and hard that 2 matches on normal/hard is better than one match on Warlord IV, traitstone wise.

Sure you are just as everyone, the drop rate is like 1%, who in his sane mind want so play 100 redundant challenges for that stone, especially knowing you will need 16 or so for a single troop.

… You don’t want to sell me death sticks

He’s looking for the mono-yellow arcane, which is only needed by two commons (each needs one total) and Summer Imp, whose traits are rather worthless anyway. I assume he’s just trying to get True Shot on Centaur Scout, farming for that is still in the ‘sane’ range, somehow.

I totally didnt do that to get 14 recently for a legendary.