Arcane Mountain Traitstone - Where Is It?

I’ve been trying to find this traitstone for a while to get the last upgrade on my Sacred Gardian, but I’ve had no look getting one in any kingdoms. Anyone know which kingdom it can be found? ← Arcane Mountain Traitstone

it is drifting sands


Hi Sir,

It is in Drfting Sands as nursecat said, so you probably will have to wait to farm it until Drifting Sands is released. Or has it been released?

Well, I haven’t unlocked all kingdoms yet, but I believe it hasn’t been released…I’m also a girl.

Ah sorry. Probably it will be released in June. Love your avatar btw. Havent seen it in muppet show… :stuck_out_tongue:

It was released about a month ago.

Are you sure? Can’t find it.

its down toward the bottom of the map.

How many kingdoms do you have unlocked?

It’s been a long time, but I recall you don’t get all the kingdoms at once. They are revealed slowly as you unlock more and more of them. Drifting Sands was the 21st or 22nd (another came in with it. I’m racking my brain but can’t recall the name. Had all the infernal troops.) So you won’t see it until you near the end.

only thirteen

no drifting sands yet on consoles. will be the next kingdom we’ll get. maybe tomorrow or next week…

Oh. You are on a different platform? Maybe I’m incorrect, then. I’m on ipad.

Are you answering this in experience on mobile or PC? Because if ibohr is right, then I don’t have the kingdom

I don’t know, but yes, I am different so yes, I may be wrong. Oops.

Lol, the support IS labeled for consoles, I use Xbox. Anyways, thanks! Ill just upgrade another troop while waiting for Drifting Sands…

I finally saw that. I usually just look at the threads with the most recent activity and hop on if they sound interesting. I actually didn’t realize the different platforms were that much different. Good luck.

@IronyMan - there is a BIG difference. :frowning:

but from what i understand it has NOT been released for the consoles yet.

Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands weren’t part of the last patch, only Grosh-Nak, Darkstone, and Wild Plains (next to be released).

You’ll have to wait for the next patch or for when Gob-chomper is the event troop since that will have Arcane Mountain traitstones with it.

It’s gonna be a very expensive glory week when gobchomper is released. There will be traited gorgothas every where :wink: