Arcane and Celestial Drops from Battles?

I was referring specifically to drops after matches. I seem to be getting slightly more majors than I am minors.

I’ll have to do some experiments on this…

Just received a Celestial from a PvP drop!


I just played through the Sword’s Edge quest line and maxed its challenges. I think it was 19 battles for the quest and another 35 for the challenges (of course), total 54. I got the following traitstones:

Minor Water - 10
Minor Wind - 12
Major Water - 3
Major Wind - 6
Runic Water - 2
Runic Wind - 4
Arcane Blade (Blue/Yellow) - 1

That looks like the drop rate is proportional to their value to me…

This also confirms what has been said in passing: the traitstone drops are 100% tied to the place you fight, so you can set your home kingdom to increase your drop rate of something slightly by defending there all the time. Accordingly, Sword’s Edge is the only kingdom in which you will ever find an Arcane Blade Traitstone.

Oh. And I didn’t know Tau was such a stupid git either. Least empathy out of all quest characters so far!


That’s good to know! Now I know why I’m swimming in Earth Stones, Khaziel is my Home Kingdom and I was farming the Miner challenge a bit to get more souls. I really need more wind stones (and fire stones to a lesser extent) so it looks like I’ll set my Home Kingdom to one that has Yellow/Red. The Lore section dictates which stones will drop, correct?

The lore is not a representation of that, unfortunately. I just looked everywhere and couldn’t actually find anything in game that provides accurate data on that - closest is to figure out which banner is which… no, someone made THIS helpful detailed map thing.

Short version, you’re looking for Adana.

So basically what the Kingdom colors were pre 1.07? That makes sense.

You’ve got it. It used to list the mana bonuses for the kingdom, which are now tied to the kingdoms’ respective banners. Which currently are not labeled as ‘Adana’s Banner’ etc.

Yeah, that map is fantastic. We need to make a list of which Arcane Stones come from which Kingdom and which cards use which Arcane Stones

It corresponds. Adana is red/yellow and drops red and yellow (or fire and wind) traitstones, and is the ONLY place to get a Red/Yellow Arcane Traitstone. And so on.

And Red/Yellow Arcane Traitstones are only for Red/Yellow troops, such as Moloch. And so on. (Hint - means the mono Arcane Traitstones have limited value!)

Okay, so to be clear, does that apply to the types of Arcane Stones that the legendaries/epics use? I just feel like there are too many possible combinations to clearly determine which Traitstone is for which legendary/epic due to some Traitsones having the same color combinations but different names.

I know Shreggra uses Arcane Lava Traitstones
Shadow Dragon uses Arcane Plains Traistones
Green Slime uses Arcane Swamp Triatstones

The Arcane Skull Traitstone looks purple and yellow to me so I would presume it would be for a purple/yellow card, but what cards is it actually for?

Arcane Skull is Purple/Brown. Plains is Yellow/Purple (which is why it is for Shadow Dragon).

Skull is used for all the Purple/Brown troops of course. So Keeper of Souls, Kerberos, Bone Dragon, Goblin Shaman, etc.

Just want to clarify which Arcane belongs to which Kingdom:

Broken Spire - Shield
Adana - Storm
Karakoth - Death
Zhul’kari - Venom
Whitehelm - Summer
Divinion Fields - Plains
Mist of Scales - Blood
Pan’s Vale - Light
Forest of Thorns - Stealth
Khaziel - Deep
Khetar - Spirit
Zaejin - Forest
Pridelands - Rage
Sword’s Edge - Blade
Ghulvania - Dark
Stormheim - Stoic
Maugrim Woods - Swamp
Grosh-Nak - Lava
Wild Plains - Beast
Darkstone - Skull
Drifting Sands - Mountain
Blighted Lands - Dark


Interesting. So there will be a new kingdom soon. :smile:

Perhaps “ceghhirst” between Kethar and Forest of Thorns
just found the anagram :wink:

:open_mouth: Now how did you get that name?



I know someone got an Arcane Swamp Traitstone from Forest of Thorns, which to me would make more sense than Maugrim Woods because the Swamp one is Green/Blue

OK … Forest of Thorns is consistently giving me Water (and Nature). Not sure what the deal is with that.

So I know what that anagrams to…

…but I also know that the next kingdom (and the last colour pair) won’t be that one…

…unless my crystal ball is failing me :smile: