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Arachnean Weaver compensation

This is insulting. MOST players are not going to have an extra 2000 Diamonds laying around. We get what, between 400-500 a week or so? So, what percentage of players who got screwed over by your shoddy communication are even going to be able to take advantage of this offer?

If they can add a custom crafting recipe, they can make that recipe a one-time-redeemable trade of Archproxy for AW.

Class act, IP2/505/DigiBros. Class. Freaking. Act.

At least the dumpster fire is out in public now.

[edit] I’m not one of the affected players, just a bystander who finds this entire ‘resolution’ to be laughable.


True but the OP responded right after staff was tagged, and came to the conclusion that one should open event chests if they’re also after AW. If I were to respond to a tag, I’d read the entire thread, especially since it wasn’t that long. Then if I saw that, I’d correct them and state AW wouldn’t be in the chest.

If it wasn’t known to them, then there’s another problem.

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Quoting here:


id say save resources for times like this lol. glad i have 2900 diamonds on hand. o want compensated for mythics ive tried for and not gotten!! i wanna exchange 2 of my 3 copies of archproxy for 2 other mythics!! lol

Infinity Plus Two is now trying to control damage by further gaslighting the issue in the Puzzle Quest 3 forum.

For the record:

The game was not functioning as communicated. Players also never requested this function. Infinity Plus Two was asked to back up their claims and refused to respond.

The news item was about Archproxy Yvendra. Of course it wasn’t incorrect in the information it provided, because all it did was talk about Archproxy Yvendra.

The in-game screens never give indication of recurring troops. The game documentation that the in-game chest opening screen links to very clearly says that Arachnean Weaver should have been available.

It’s available for a single week, at half cost, requiring a special crafting resource that can’t be obtained in enough quantities within that week to even craft a single Arachnean Weaver.

Mistake? Check. Misled? Check. Almost always? Oops, there was bound to be a catch.

Since IP2 keeps pulling old forum threads into this, here’s one that doesn’t leave the slightest room for interpretation:



Outdated, see edit at the end.

IP2 is now editing week old event posts to make it appear like they communicated the Arachnean Weaver fiasco in any way.

Thank you for sneaking in weeks after the end of the event how you supposedly intended event chests to behave. Players will be happy to learn it’s their fault when you now show it to them, they should have used their time machine to inform themselves.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just admit the configuration error and compensate properly?


Edit: This wasn’t researched correctly, the change already happened one day into the event. Still, the damage was already done at that point, most who wanted to pull Arachnean Weaver had spent their keys on the first day.


The fact that they’re going back and editing the Archproxy post to make it seem as if they had communicated ACCURATELY all along is proof they know they put their foot in it.

Okay, IP2/505/DigiBros…you’re admitting you put your foot in it. Now could you please make it right?

And I mean actually make it right, not spin some half-assed response involving an EXTREMELY timegated currency as being “compensation”, just in case I need to spell it out.

[edit] I get that the normal Forum cycle is to let drama fall off in a week or two, but folks…this is an active cover-up. We let this drop off and we’re setting a new standard for what will be tolerated. Make noise and be heard.


According to Google Cache, it was editted by Tues, Oct 5, 4:30 AM GST. Just a FYI that it was editted during the event and not after.

Here is a cached screenshot before the edit, in case anyone incorrectly claims IP2 always had the post mention Weaver.

Agreed. IP2 has literally stolen players’ money. There are laws protecting consumers from stores and casinos that do this. Games unfortunately are poorly regulated though.

I didn’t even roll during this mess, and I am beyond frustrated for everyone that did. I can’t trust to ever pay this company when they can just take your money and not deliver.


Are you sure this is the point in time the Arachnean Weaver info was added? Google is currently telling me this for the current page:

It wouldn’t be fair to call them out incorrectly on this, so if there’s enough doubt about the timeline I’ll edit my post.


Try this URL: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/spin-me-right-round/72024

I see Oct 5 there. I am on mobile only right now where screenshotting looks terrible. I can grab a desktop version later.

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Fair enough, it shows the snippet for that date. Your Google-Fu appears to be far better than mine.

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How many people even look at the OP of an event thread a day after it’s posted? I look at the OP when it is first posted and sometimes comeback later in the night to look at comments but I don’t think I have ever re read the OP after the event has actually started.


As a dev, I have a degree in Google Fu, so this comment is amazing.


Even the devs know charging 2k diamonds for AW is crap. They mention this in an old event thread with 100+ posts and on a forum for a different game but it is not mentioned in game, on Facebook, on Twitter on it’s own actual thread here. Even the couple of posts I saw about people wanting compensation on Facebook just tells them it is being addressed on the forum.


For God’s sake, devs!!!
Send people who spent event keys a free copy of AW!
You behave like little children now…maybe we players also, but we are more than you :slight_smile:


Since this is a Game Feedback thread that IP2 claims to read, here are some extra musings.

Players went wild with event chests directly after weekly reset to pull Arachnean Weaver. The global chat announces each mythic pulled, there were dozens “Archproxy Yvendra” entries within a few minutes, and many more to come. Now those players have way too many Archproxy Yvendra, zero Archnean Weaver, due to what for all practical purposes was a configuration error on IP2 side.

The really OBVIOUS and TRIVIAL solution would be to allow players to exchange an excess Archproxy Yvendra for a missing Arachnean Weaver in the Soulforge. Take away an Archproxy Yvendra. Give an Arachnean Weaver. The Soulforge is perfectly capable of doing that, as has been demonstrated with past recipes. And IP2 is prefectly able to add that recipe to the Soulforge for a week, as has been demonstrated with the 2000 diamonds “best compromise”.

So why, WHY, is this OBVIOUS and TRIVIAL solution being so excessively STONEWALLED, even after having been proposed several times? Archproxy Yvendra and Arachnean Weaver are both standard run-of-the-mill mythics located in the very same drop pool, at the very same odds. Is it because players rank Arachnean Weaver as one of the very top mythics, so IP2 feels they can safely gouge an extra 2000 diamonds (several hundred dollars worth of “gem value”) out of their configuration error? Or is the concept of “equal exchange” simply something that hasn’t reached the powers in charge at IP2 yet?

I really, really, hope they can draft someone to reply to this, I bet the whole community is dying to know the answer.


And I really, really hope the community doesn’t forget about this after a week.


Man, I haven’t touched the game in a year (and considering recent events, won’t be in the future) but I picked a hell of a time to click the forums again.

All my :popcorn: :popcorn::popcorn: power is invested in Weavergate.


I’m not affected by the weaver ordeal, but I feel like evading responsibility of a miscommunicated information is totally uncool.

own your mistake, like admit it and be better next time. Spend more time (and resources?) to check the gameplay and recheck every information before an update is live.


You ask them to do their job properly lol