Apple vs Android

I just installed "Gems of war"on android device - xperia Z5 compact. It runs extremely slow. I mean very long loading time, breaks connection to server. It takes 5 minutes or even more to load battle zone.
On same Wi-fi connection I have Ipad and game works much better - sometimes break connection too, but it loading almost without problems.

Are there any problems with android version of game?

Put this in support for you.

Odd, I play on Android 4.4.2 and it runs fine albeit a bit slower than on PC, but nothing like you described.
If not a hardware issue, then perhaps the problem lies with the OS as you said. You have v5.1, correct?

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Yes 5,1, empty card - phone is new.
Important for me that it works fine for android. Gona check my wifi → phone connection.
Anyway there are some resolution problems and artefacts, but it is only minor problem.