Anything special about the X-Ball Pet?

Just curious what is so special about this pet? I assume it is special because of it’s hefty price tag?

X-Ball? Do you mean Alex, the 20-sided dice?

If you get a pet offer for money it’s just some automated offer for a pet that you haven’t maxed yet. Doesn’t say anything about its worth.

No it’s the first item in the Shop in the Special Section

It’s an xbox exclusive cosmetic pet. Nothing special about it besides that.

Ah, okay, that explains why I don’t know it :slight_smile:

Kind of figured it might be something like that. I guess there are players who will spend that kind of money for an item that is just cosmetic. Thanks.

Tony do you get cheated out of your extra turns when matching 4 or 5 matches gems or skulls in battles? I sure do.

Are any of your troops frozen when that happens? That would prevent any extra turns.

A lot of times this happens no negative status effects at all. Also it happens when the next move is a skull match.

Tony, something strange just happened. I just now won a vault battle and I got an Orb. When I clicked on it it did not show the Orb I got, but the Mystic Troop Leio. If I got this troop it is not showing up in my inventory. Any idea what happened?

I just tried to go to the site to submit a ticket, and I got service unavailable.