Anything but random

The game is anything but random.

I don’t know if it’s an antibot feature or if it’s main to balance the game but the “randomness” of the game is heavily logging dependant.

Usually it can pass as random but sometimes it’s clearly rigged.

Even the easiest explorer match takes an eternity because the CPU has “miracle” series of 4 matches. It doesn’t matter because the CPU can’t win at this level but it’s annoying. And if you’ve a “bad” login it’ll spread around the game. All your matches will be a nightmare and everything will go wrong. For guilds war it’s really infuriating to lose an easy match because these “miracles”.

But if you log out and return latter everything will be normal again. It’s also happen that you become the beneficiary of these lucky strike, but it’s far less common and it doesn’t compensate the irritation of the wrong logging.

Maybe it’s only a bug but you should really stop riging matches. It’s killing the game.

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You are obviously new to this game. If your enemy gets a turn, you are playing it wrong.


In my experience, the enemy getting an extra turn (that you didn’t spot coming) IS extremely annoying, but I haven’t been able to fault RNG for it, aka. it doesn’t feel “rigged” (and even if it did, you’d need a HUGE amount of meticulously recorded data to prove it).

Try running a team with Freeze. Freeze blocks a player (both you and cpu) from receiving an extra turn. (Specifically, it’s based on Mana Colors so if a Blue+Green troop is frozen, Blue and Green matches cannot grant an extra turn but other colors still can.)

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I think “magic” ETs (and skulls) dropping from the sky for the AI is a way to increase difficulty. It’s a cheap one, but we all know the AI is a little stupid and needs some “help”.

Shame on you, Skynet has never used any cheats and look how effective he turned out to be! Real AI don’t need that pity help from hoomans-programmers

If you let the enemy get a turn you’re doing it wrong is such a bot response.

Ive been in many situations where theres a particular match you wont make because it will give away an extra turn. The computer will take a turn, youll take a turn, soon enough the only move left is the 1 move you wont make but now you have to…

Have you never seen the computer skip an extra turn to cast “Create 7 Gems of an enemy’s mana color”, coughcough* Siren, and watched as 5 gems in a row appeared and they still take that extra turn? Do you or anyone actually use Siren (or Couatl, Create a random gem color), themselves with any success?

Do certain gem colors stop or suddenly increase appearance despite no present storm in favor or any storm at all? Usually right when you need that color to prevent a loss.

Plenty of times I’ve cast Zuul and had the computer take all skulls while Frozen by getting extra turns with the 1 color they’re not using, all the skulls.

I dont lose much but theres 100% times the computer manipulates the board and there are times when i speak out loud whats going to fall and it actually does.

Now when i say these things the typical reply is that theres no reason for them to program an invisible board the computer manipulates that i cant see that falls down from above or something. Of course that makes no sense. Really it doesnt, but the computer cant know which move has the highest probability of success is a weird theory in my opinion though. Pretty sure thats why meta defense teams are a thing.

Im probably just crazy


Nah, you’re not crazy.

Anyone who was around when the “random” dungeon wasn’t random, and (I think) 1,2,3,4 could never result in a perfect run should know this game isn’t above manipulation.

It’s the same thing with how were all joking that 30% means 30% for the players and 70% for the AI. It does feel like that when the game is supposed to be more difficult.

I rarely to never have the infernal king resurrect during the first 4 fights of a pet rescue. In the last two, it’s almost guaranteed to happen several times (hence why I transform him, usually).

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Just earlier today I saw … (what was the Troop again?) Turtle Cannon generate a + -match of 5 Green Gems after creating only 4-8 Gems (on a board currently starved of Green, no less). Unfortunately I didn’t think to record it, but…

Thanks for the comments.

I like how the first comment makes my point in missing it. I have several loop teams. But when your fuse fail to start the loop, and again, and again, and again… you notice it.

Bad luck happens too. During normal soul farming it also happens that a team how usually win a match in 1 or 2 turns need a lot more of time to do it. This is ok.

But when it happens in all the matches during
a logging there’s something wrong. And I said it’s not a common thing but it occurs very unfrequently with some login. For health reasons I’m spending far too much time on this and this why I think that’s an antibot measure going wrong (again).

But it could also be a balancing feature going wrong. There’s is sometimes strike of luck too, but not so evident.

It may be a bug too.

By the way when it happens there’s is nothing to do. I’m a fan of countermeasures then I use frozing, entangling, webbing a lot but it doesn’t help. At best it takes more time for the CPU to win and I can enjoy these miracles strike of luck longer. But usually these status also miracly disappear and it’s quickly over.

I don’t expect any change, but it’s something to know about this game. And when it happens you really want to erase the game :slight_smile:

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By the way it happened again today. It’s crazy.

The CPU team was weak and has no gem creation card so I didn’t use a countermeasures team.

I’ve a loop team. The best that I got was 3 extra turns, and one time. The CPU had systematically 3 to 6 extra turns. At this point there’s no way to attribute it to luck. It happens exceptionally but when it happens it’s really WTF!

I’ll probably give this game another try, for the guild, but if it happens again it’s over, I trash the thing.

And I’m probably not the only one, but in general it’s better to directly trash the game than to complain about it on forum. It’s not like there’s a penury of games to waste time.

It will continue to happen. People will blame you and say things like “well youre not supposed to let them get a turn” or “well why are you playing x game mode” and “you just need to git gud” while offering no constructive tips and sidestepping the truth. Which is that the game cheats, most of the time its the only way it can win. Know this going in and remember its just a game. You’re here to have fun, you dont have to play any game mode you dont want to.


I love when, during GW, I start a brown day, with brown storm and it takes like 3-4 turns to start drop an increased amount of brown gems. Or, when there is no skull storm and 3 out of 5 gems droping are skulls.

Of course it will be all heresay, because I simply don’t bother record every single battle, but I lost the count of how many times the CPU had 3 possible matches and it chose the worst possible (gems not from their color) and droped a 4-5 gems match from the top for colors they need.

I’m also curious about the strategy of choosing targets, because it matters for strategy purposes. Is the CPU designed to attack the strongest troop? Weakest troop? Hero? A specific position? How many times all the spells targeting the same troop on the same spot?

It’s interesting also the fact that I don’t usually see CPU choosing a 5-match. If there is a cross for a 5-match, CPU usually chooses the 4-match option. There seems to be a limit to randomness on the CPU actions. All the rest are programmed.


Contradiction: if it’s a rare occurrence then that is LITERALLY HOW you attribute it to luck.

Everybody remembers their “bad beats” and a lot of them post about it ad nauseum and ad absurdum in these spaces. But you seldom hear about the vast number of times the outcomes turn out as according to the probability, and you seldom hear about the handful of times you (the Player) gets every bit as fortunate.

And that’s simply human nature. We remember the outliers and we remark upon them much more than we do the ordinary stuff. It’s luck, but it’s also the way things are supposed to work. Sometimes, you simply run into “bad luck”; sometimes, you even run into it a couple of times in a row.

And that’s the way “true random chance” is supposed to work.

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I prefer to imagine it as a personal attack from the AI who I can later get vengeance on :joy: It’s my own personal game within a game :stuck_out_tongue:

Im definetely not just noticing the bad stuff.

Doing epic trials, 0 blue gems on the board, green is also pretty scarce, less than 10. Axolotl creates a mix of random gems, loops itself 4 times in a row and also fills the 2 troops above it. Random?

As a matter of fact, in my previous work I was specialized in pattern recognition so I know a bit about probably, statistics and also bias. And by the way the frequency of an event and randomness are unrelated.

It’s near certain that the dices are biased for the AI. It’s even necessary to provide a minimum of challenge as the AI is dumb. Making a near decent AI is very difficult and not in the scope of a mobile game. And usually the game has a good balance, which makes it interesting, and more of a pity when it go rogue.

It’s not about series of lucky or unlucky strike, and neither about winning or losing, at least for me. It’s about the game going full block stand.

It happened again this morning and as I was in a better mood I played a long a little bit. Beside being near unable to make any move in GW, I played soul farming with the standard 1/2 clicks team in the lower level.
Nope. Impossible. Every matches have taken a lot of turns to finish. Not one, not several, all.

Of course it’s possible that it was purely random. But in the same way that’s possible that the sun don’t rise tomorrow.

A more plausible explanation, and by several magnitude, it’s that there’s something wrong in the code. In fact there are a lot of things wrong in the code but this one irritates me particularly for personal reasons.

I’ll still play along for now, but I’m not anymore in the mood to support the developers as I 've done by the past.