Anyone notice how slow it has become since midnight switch?

It really is dog slow and I have gotten 6 timeout errors and 2 lost connection errors

On a PC/Steam

Btw, this is trying to get into the Guild section - just a lot of ‘Lost connection screen’ which wasn’t happening before midnight and the flood of new items

same here…I recommend everyone to wait with their Guild War battles until it is solved.

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I wasn’t going to the Guild wars. I wanted to see how the winning seals was being tallied.

I can’t even log into the game right now.

@Saltypatra, is the dev team aware that their servers are probably on fire right now?

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Missed the screenshot, but I got a bunch of lost connection screens going into a normal PvP battle and upon finishing a 128 point gain for the battle (about 3 times what it was displayed to be worth).

All good now here. looks like the servers needs a little time changing the Guild War days.

I got a bunch of error messages and I got my daily rewards twice.

Did your totals change twice, or did you just get the message twice? I opened my mail, “got” my rewards, then noticed that my glory/gold totals hadn’t updated. They were correct after I restarted the game.

I only opened 1 set and I’m letting the other set expire.

Yes we were aware! We have just fixed this issue so you should see improvements very shortly.