Anyone need a player?

Anyone got a spot for me? Took a break for a few months but now I want to play again. Looking for a guild that gets all tasks and events done.

I’m in a guild called “The Sith Lords”. Honestly only myself and a few others are active on a daily basis. So I’m always looking for contributing members if you would like to join

Still looking

What kind of Reqs are you looking for? You can always join The Unforgiven discord server. Our top 2 guilds finish everything. They are currently full but we can likely get you a spot by end of week. You can wait in one of our other 2 guilds til a spot opens which should be Sunday at latest.

High end. I was in madd before i took a break. I can do whatever is required

Still looking. Anyone have a spot?

Looking for a month? Everyone wants members. Join something and then spring up from there? I’m not going to give my guild name because I don’t think we would measure up to someone looking for a month. :roll_eyes: But one of the mega families could surely find the ideal spot for you.

I haven’t been actively looking and I usually forget to even check this site. I don’t really see the need for your comment to be honest.

@Adam we have space in The Only Elmo if you want to take a look following a couple of retirements. Level 1200+, 850k golf, 1500 seals 400 trophies.

We have space available in the Sultans of Surge. Rank 112 and we complete all main tasks every week (maybe not always the epic ones). We hit 40k seals for every mythic release. Moderate requirements — 300k gold, 1000 seals, 200 trophies. Most of our members contribute far more than that, but we also support newer members (level 500 min.) as long as they remain active. Let me know if you’d like to come check us out!