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Anyone interested in creating a guild and building it up?

With very few active guilds and the active ones being filled would anyone want to join my guild if I were to make one, I previously had a lvl 200+ account but can no longer get on it so I had to restart.

No matter how you lost your last Account you really NEED to turn on Two Step Verification today.


I already started a guild like 1 month ago so why not join my guild ?
I need some good member to help me in pvp, seals and guild donations.
I am already built up some in Rank to 4k
If interested I would need your invite code!
My Guild name is “Dragon Slayer’s”.

okay sounds good man. I have 3 friends as well lvl 200 + that would join and be active as well.

Ok sounds great !!
Please provide me with your invite code and the invite code of your 3 friends so i can invite them in.

my invite is mrpedobox

you need to leave you current guild.

I left. I can accept now, I thought I wasn’t in one sorry.

mrpedobox does not work

try MRPEDOBOX it may have to be capitalized

no go try going into global chat 001 and shouting for NuMasIs I can add you from their.