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Anyone has a working Merlantis team?

I’m kind of intrigued by the new troops.
Does anyone have a working team ? And if yes, how did you trait it?

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Got two of the 8 working in a troop team working but nothing else

Got Azura and Wave Rider working in a Gard team. Just don’t play it against the Mab/kraken/Wisp, etc and you’ll be fine.

New to game, but I really like azura. Then waverider with thingamabob and i think leviathan as tail maybe? Dont have his last trait yet which makes him kewl. Still messing with it. Tried dragon turtle and kuotani for more submerging to boost thingamabob, no luck yet…

Ok, Waverider, azura, thingamabob, leviathan. Unicorn banner. It’s fun!

Anyone have a good team? We probably need more troops for Merlantis still? Any good 2 or 3 troop teams?


Silent One (3 Traits)
Abyssal Banner

Fill priority is Azura with Purple

Manage your Leviathan casts carefully to maximize the number of Silenced troops as you Knock them around and Silence them on Skull Match

In general, do not intentionally gather for Silent one. The banner has a -1 Yellow and that is already factored into the strategy