Anyone had Hobgoblin from chest yet?

I understand hobgoblin is now in chests. I’m looking to get another one but so far haven’t had any luck despite using a LOT of keys, and I dont want to use up any more keys if he hasn’t made it in to the chests yet ! So…anyone had any luck yet?

Double checked:
I have gotten 1 from chests

I haven’t seen any yet :confused:

Nor do I currently have any, must have been a troop before my time :stuck_out_tongue:


OK - Thanks melkathi !

From ‘Back to the Future’ official news
“Hobgoblin The speedy dual wielding Hobgoblin is now available in chests. Pick one up and slash your way to a more decisive victory today!”

I confirm that I have had one in chests also, sometime in the last week.

many time Iron and magic keys

I’m pretty sure he is not in chests yet. I think they make a statement about it in the news when units become available in chests.

Side note: I really hope they open another store to get weapons and armor that get missed. I took a break for a month or so and missed units and weapons that I want now.

Machiknight - see my post higher up - with a quote from official news saying hobgobbly IS back in chests - ie they did make a statement about it in their back to the future post - but I have not been lucky yet hence my question to other players :smile:

Ahhh my bad. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Anyway, I need another one also.

Probably easier to just get one from the Arena… just try to level up the other members of the team lineup to
Level 10 and then cough up the diamonds to buy the hobgoblin.

I got two Hobgobs out of chests recently when the Wild Plains opened… (and I opened about 1100 chests!)

So they are definitely in there!

Thanks for that guildmate Jainus - I still have 1300 keys left - here’s hoping !!

I’ve opened about 2k keys since wild plains, still haven’t gotten one.

That kinda sucks… but can only be bad luck - they are genuinely in there - just too speedy to catch it seems!

I bought two when they were on the event - and the pair of them were in my invade team for a long time…

got three with iron keys .

Yaaaaaaay Extra hobblygobbly is mine at last :smile:

Jealous. Dagnabit.

Grats, guild neighbour!