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Anyone else on Xbox having items not appear after you buy?

Hey guys, for about the past 6 weeks when I buy a bundle I seem to have a 50/50 chance it wont appear, then I have to put in a support ticket. For example this week it happened TWICE when I was trying to make a mythic hydra (that thing is a beast) I was wondering…Does ANYONE else have this issue? I would love to have it fixed.

The devs are aware of it.
@Mr.Strange @Nex @Foresti

I understand that they are aware of the issue however I am no longer getting responses to open tickets, mabye they are just backed up and its taking time, however to be blunt I have 5 hydras and are waiting on them to give me the pack that comes with the hydra to promote it.

I would like to buy some of this weeks stuff but dont want to do so until the other stuff is given. I dont mind waiting a bit to get what i paid for, but its getting annoying.