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Anyone else experiencing lag/delay on PC?

When casting spells or getting skull hits in pvp the screen lags for sometimes up to 10 seconds. Is anyone else experiencing this or is this a known issue? Also experiencing it sometimes with gem matching.

Edit: Disconnecting from chat fixes this “delay” issue.

Chances are you probably have the chat open. If you close it, the problem should go away.

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hmm interesting, let me try that.

That actually did clear it up! Thank you for that. Devs you could close this now if you wanted.

This was supposedly fixed in 2.0.1:

I never experienced it on PC, and haven’t turned chat back on on mobile since 2.0.1, but if people are still experiencing this, then it should be reported to the devs.

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Yeah it seemed a bit fishy and didn’t think it was acting as intended.

I’ve had lag issues all day on PC. Disconnecting chat did solve the issue for me as well.

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I still get it on mobile. Don’t on PC

The other thing is that, when the game lags die to Chat, it’ll also drain your battery faster than Crimson Bat will drain your blood. On Mobile, I always disconnect from Chat as soon as I’m done interacting. It sucks, but it’s better than not being able to play.


No worries, global and guild chat is constantly crashing! It’s down most of the time since the new update.

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