Anybody else just join random guilds? Works pretty well for me

Hello everyone,

I see a lot of “looking for guild” posts on here from new players. I have never seen a need to look for a specific guild unless you are quite hardcore about this game.

I suspect this subreddit is where all those folks are, which is fine. Much respect. But if you’re new, I suggest you just do what I do for the bonuses:showbox

I’m level 300-something, play on Android. Been joining random guilds every 6 months or so, or when one starts to go downhill. I contribute as expected and it’s been lovely. Sure, guild chat is barren and you never know if the guild is gonna hit enough seals to get the good guild chests… But it’s a hell of a lot less stressful and lets you play the game pretty much solo with a bunch of other like-minded folks who might not even speak your language. You just do what you like and it’s hunky dory.

I suspect a lot of random guilds will just take new players as long as you’re getting a decent amount of seals for the week even if you’re brand-new. If I’d done this from the beginning instead of waiting till like level 100, I’d be a lot further ahead. usps tracking

Again, if you wanna do a guild for real, you totally should. But if it’s gating your progress, just join a random one and be a good citizen.

Update 5/13/2019: you guys have kinda convinced me. Anybody want a 300 something in their guild? I roll with a mean Dawnstone, Dragotaur, Dragon Soul, Dracos 1337 team.

Thank you!

This is an interesting lfg post :laughing:

Just wondering, how long have you been playing? The “every 6 months or so” makes me think a while, but your level is lower than expected.

I’m sure a lot of players do just fine with “random guilds”. But if you’re really into the game and want a guild that can help you grow, I think taking some time to find the right guild is worth it :slight_smile:

I’ll look at that from the other side: I have been running my single guild for over 2 years now, and have really had good results by not actively looking for new players (not too much at least :slight_smile: ), but I’ve had really outstanding experiences by just allowing random players in…and lo: a good number of them stay, so the guild has been growing in knowledge and dedicated players…slowly but surely…all the time