Any weapons been nuked recently?


I was looking through my weapons database and I noticed a weapon called
"Celestial Staff" - Ultra Rare (Blue), 10 Yellow Mana [Deal 6+Magic Damage Randomly Split Amongst Enemies, Restore 10 Life to Self] but it is not in the GoW database and I don’t have the weapon any more in my game.

Anyone know what’s happened?


Odd, I was able to find that weapon both in-game and on the weapon list…


How to make a tit of one’s self!
It is in the GoW database. Has definitely disappeared from my in-game weapons list though! Maybe I never had it? But I only update my database with weapons I have so…?

Nevermind… It’ll come 'round again :relaxed:


Celestial Staff was a weapon you got from a previous Weekly Event (Heavenly Dragon, which happened way back at the end of March).

We try to let newer players or players who missed out the first time, to have another chance at getting past event weapons. Keep an eye out during future Weekly Events and you may come across it!