Any top guild want to swoop me up?

Very active console player/GOW forum babbler, just made an account on mobile version. Any takers? :smile: Thanks!

I think Anonymous has no level requirement.
Once you get closer to 100 we’ll happily take you on board the Black Pearl.

Level requirement. Hehe, trophies are trophies, right? I feel you though, thank you! I’ll keep it in mind. What rank are y’all?

At too low level, players can’t keep up with contributions.

Rank in the League?

We (Black Pearl) got hit hard by mass inactivity and are just recovering. So we dropped from 8th to 10th.

Off the top of my head, other forum regulars you will have chatted with:
@dhjl’s Anonymous are 7
@Serale and @Jainus are Match Makers at 1.

Ok, I understand…Well I’ll have to start plucking away! hehe

I dont have any spots to offer and waiting list is 4 long, so at least 3 months before having you.

I would not consider Blockbusters a top guild (Top 200), but our requirements are reasonable. Take a look at the following link for more guild information: Blockbusters Recruitment (Shutting Down in One Week) - #2 by malkmus710

If you liked what you saw, please respond to the above thread with your invite code.

We have many slots left and are looking to fill them in. If you have friends feel free to refer them to us.

Sarcasmjew (Jew Mage)

If anyone wants me I’ll be bouncing back and forth between there and the console, but when I go back to work I’ll be on the mobile version more…anyhow, invite code is: LADY SAPPHIRA

Thanks!!! <3

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Mobile FTW yo!

Hahah yep…tried to get windows on my Macbook til 3AM to no avail. Using my iPad :smile: