Any top 25 guilds got sis guilds Recruiting

Any top 25 guilds got sis guilds Recruiting ? I am level 140 and looking to rise the ranks and progress into a top guild. I have been playing about a week and always max seals / around 200 Trophies.

Please let me know.

We have a lower guild that you might fit into.

I am with Black Dragon, #12 for trophies and B1 for GW.

If you wanna jump on and chat with us about it all feel free to

Hey there, Im with the guild family Intrim.
Intrim is a top guild and ranges from Intrim to Intrim VII.
Im currently running Intrim 4 and youre welcome to join and grow. There are plenty of resources on LINE and Discord within our guild. Minimums are 100k/1000s/100t. If thats a bit much we I can arrange to find you a spot in 5 or 6.

Let me know!