Any suggestions on good Dawnbringer teams?

Finally crafted Dawnbringer after countless hours of soul farming. Now, I would like some good PvP teams and PvP defense teams around Dawnbringer. Also maybe a good GW team around Dawnbringer. Thanks!

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Dawnbringer has lost a lot of relevancy in the post-Doomed weapon world and in the face of hero classes. GoW doesn’t reward slow, defensive play so much as it used to and that has made more aggressive weapons popular. I don’t think anyone’s going to share GW teams, but in terms of “all teams” here’s how I view Dawnbringer:

If a team is good with three troops, Dawnbringer is one of the 4th slots that makes it better. It used to be true DB was the 4th slot to make it better, but now that we have weirdo troops like The Possessed King and overall more powerful hero classes, that’s debatable.

So let’s look at the classic Nyxbringer. That is: Rock Troll (Maybe Forest Troll? I forget.), Nyx, Queen Mab, Dawnbringer. (Slots 3 and 4 change often.)

It’s a looping team. Rock Troll is likely to feed Nyx, Nyx is likely to get you a free turn, Mab is likely to get you a free turn, and all of it leads to 4-matches that freeze the opponent and deny their turns. Dawnbringer adds insult to injury: it’s likely to be filled, barriers the team, and does some AoE damage.

But it’s not as strong as it used to be. Yao Guai teams tend to punch through barriers fairly easily. Divine teams never had a problem with barriers. Since the meta’s shifted, we have to try and consider new roles for DB. But if you look at the meta, it just doesn’t fit. GoW is not a “dig in with defenses” long game anymore.

  • Yao Guai teams want Flammifer to keep lots of red on the board, DB doesn’t generate any mana so you’ll board stall more.
  • Divines want Red/Yellow and tend to prefer Divine Protector, Divinia, Mercy, or something else that generates mana. Board stalls kill them.
  • Skeleton Key/Bronzelock don’t work if you aren’t using their namesake weapons.
  • Barriers defeat the purpose of Lust Grief Defense.
  • You can’t make a Dragon’s Eye team without Dragon’s Eye.

While that sounds awful and like you just wasted a lot of effort, cheer up. DB still finds use in some Delves, Bounty hunts, and even the early rounds of Raid/Invasion. Especially in contexts with boosted magic, the AoE is hard to match. I don’t have team suggestions there because it really varies every event. DB is one of those weapons where if you can’t decide what other weapon is the best, DB is probably it. I know some people who say Doomed weapons are faster in Arena, I still feel like I have better luck at that with DB.

I explore with DB a lot. I find Sunbird / Fire Bomb / Fire Bomb / DB works well. DB often one-shots a team Sunbird didn’t finish off and saves me 3-5 turns that game.

There’s really not one weapon or troop in GoW that’s so good, the moment you get it you can build sick teams. There’s a network of about two dozen troops/weapons that form the backbone of every good team. DB’s still one of them, and the game’s better now that the hero has more choices.


Thank you for the detailed response. Very helpful!

I use Infernus, DB, Divine Ishballa, Mercy for a fast PVP farming team. Lion Banner and (up to you but I use) Sunspear class.

DB works great in GW teams for blue, yellow and red (I use it on all 3 colour days). 1.3 million souls is definitely worth it for DB, have fun experimenting!

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Checked again when I logged on last night, actually use Dragon Banner.


Thank you!