Any PC geeks here?

I am thinking of buying a new laptop, not for gaming, except from GoW :grin:
Would a laptop with 8 GB of ram, i5-8250U and Intel UHD Graphics 620 handle
GoW well?


HP envy x360 is A good can play GOW with your fingers.

Thanks, I have already found a Laptop that is on sale tho that I might go for.

My Laptop handles GoW just fine, and it has 4GB of Ram, also a i5 and a basic Radeon Graphic Card. So i guess you would do just great with this laptop.

Note: The recent lags on GoW have nothing to do with hardware. It seems to be an issue with the last version of Unity.

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Thanks! That is my guess too, but I want to know for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

GoW runs fine on my Laptop with
No need to spend more money as needed :wink:

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Thanks! What is your graphics card?

Not dedicated, just internal:

Not sure, but it’s about 4 years old.

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prob should work on medium settings atleast with that