Any negatives to ascending a troop?


I have enough duplicates to ascend one of the rares I use a lot. But he isnt at max soul level yet. Is there a negative to ascending him before level 16? Like do soul levels cost more as an ultra rare?


There is no negative to ascending. Soul cost, traitstone cost, and disenchanting amount all go off of base rarity, not ascended raitity.


The only “negative” of ascending, if you can call it that, is if you happen to have a team with more than one of the troop in question, and ascending it would leave you with less total than you have in that team. That bit me once, back when Dust Devils reigned supreme, in that I ascended my Legendary Devils to Mythic – and suddenly I had only 1 left :confused: But aside from this admittedly edge case, no, there’s no reason not to ascend a troop.


The only possible negative is if you use more than 1 in a deck and ascending leaves you with just 1…


Beat you to it! Hah!


Ok awesome! Thanks for the replies!


Damn you! I’ll get you my little pretty, and your little dog too!


It took me FOREVER to get a mythic crimson bat because ascending it would leave my main tan with only 1.


The other negative is sorting on rarity, there should really be a base rarity sort method.


The biggest negative is ascending all your troops - I would be happy if they auto-ascended! But then again, it’s nice doing the long-awaited ascension of one of your main troops manually…