Any info on Merlantis Skill Bonus?

I haven’t seen anything yet online with info about what skill bonus Merlantis will give.

Have the devs dropped this info yet?

Without knowing I think it will give attack. I cant help it but whenever I think of a water underworld I am thinking of a creature like this holding a spear:

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Mostly because spears are the most effective underwater weapon.

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I’d use a sonic wave tank any day over a spear!



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The info could be looked into via the game files before the switch to Unity. (Still can be on mobile.)

But I never bothered looking them up because we’ve only got two Merfolk available atm. The info would be mostly worthless right now.

Well, balance calls for more Armor and Health kingdoms than Attack and Magic kingdoms. We haven’t seen a new Armor kingdom for a long time now, so it’s most likely going to be that.

We need more Armor for Elspeth Bombot fast exploration decks :slight_smile:
Faster exploration means more traitstones! And that would be good news.

Health would be interesting to survive the early beating up by Spirit foxes… as an example

Do you mean spears like this:








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I like spoilers when it comes to troops stats and spells. I do not like spoilers that reveals the art of the troops tho.

I don’t mind.

Is a trident technically a spear?

i want a merfolk hero race :scream:

@Draprion its a “tri-dent spear”
-> * Annaerith hides before someone laughs *

I’m hoping plus 2 green banner soon

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For an explicitly water-themed kingdom? raises eyebrow

Now, for the Chinese-themed kingdom, maybe. (Think jade.)

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Shentang or whatever it is will be the green and merlantis will probably be blue then. Makes sense. We already have a plus 2 blue though?

Well, with six gem colors it’s inevitable to have some banners that share the same +2 component, we already have that for brown. The interesting part will be which color gets picked for +1/-1.