Any idea when the Dread Cutlass will be in the Soulforge?

I’m wanting to craft the Ruby Macaque weapon.

Next month will be one year since the Dread Captain’s Chest campaign. Lodestar and Dread Arquebus has been made available but not the Dread Cutlass.

Any idea as to when the Dread Cutlass will be in the forge?


The answer is almost certainly “the next time Blighted Lands is kingdom of the week”.

Based on the spoilers, that answer is not yet on the schedule. There are a couple of un-dated Blighted Lands troops on the “drawing board” part of things, but we can extrapolate the 10 kingdoms for the next campaign (and the likely kingdom for the “interregnum” period between the upcoming campaign and the subsuquent one) from the data that’s already posted there.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you, but I don’t see anything in the spoiler data that leads me to one.


Also, you can confirm this yourself by browsing all 10 pages of the Campaign Artifact (at any point during the Campaign, even day one).


Thanks so much!

Your post gave me kittens. I thought I had missed Lodestar, but for anybody else who is panicking, Broken Spire (with Lodestar) is scheduled for July 15th.

GoW Teams Bot /event_kingdoms command shows Blighted Lands (with Dread Cutlass) on September 16th. I suspect that’s based on game data for the next campaign, and is (of course) subject to change.


Disculpame pero es simple macaque pide 3 armas 1 de garra de dragon que el reino paso hace unas semanas 1 de aguja rota que vendra en 32 diaa y 1 de tierras marchitas que a sinole vista no se sabe cuando vendra como lo choqueas aqui GoW Troop Spoilers
Cada ves que necesites saber que reinos vendran solo ve esa pagina.