Any Guild with high requirements, but no GW?

Is there any high requirement guilds with no GW requirements? Like I can donate 500k gold and 1500 seals in every monday!, but I hate Guild Wars. I understand that guildwars could be fun if you have all the key mythics and 5 star kindoms, but I don’t have any mythics and my kindoms are 2-3 stars. So I don’t find Guild Wars fun at all in this point of my progress.

I might be into GW battles in future, when I can actually be competitive in it. Right now it’s just eating my soul and making me want to quit this game.


Hi Ile, such guilds do exist. However. Please take a look at mean machine!

We adopt a stress free approach to guild wars and so far have not dropped lower than bracket 2. Many of our members play with teams with only 2 or 3 of the daily colours, and there is no pressure put on anyone if they don’t win. And you know what? It really works! We’ve won all our daily battles in bracket 1 this week.

I understand this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but please consider us. Like I say, we put NO pressure on guild wars - the only requirement is participation.

We also have a discord channel where there’s lots of chat about guild war teams, and members of all levels share what works for them. Many of our members are still working on kingdoms.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you


Oh, and to actually properly answer your question, here’s an example of a guild with no GW requirements that still expect 500k gold:

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Thank you Whiskeyjack. I’m at the moment in guild that do guildwars but doesn’t require wins. Only participation is required, but my competitive nature makes it bad experience. So losing unfair battles just stress me out. It doesn’t feel good to go 2/3. I always feel like letting my guild down.

Second problem is requirement to be active in everyday. I prefer to play 7 hours in one day than 1 hour in every day in a week. I usually play every day in a week, but sometimes I just might need day or two off. Like spending weekend somewhere and not stress about guildwars and stuff.


Fair enough! Something like stratagemini would be a good match then :grinning:

@Azbra come take a look

Dominant might have a spot open tomorrow. We are rank 28 do all tasks and many lt. Our regs are 1500s/400k /300t GW is optional. We do register because we have some ppl that like to play. But it is totally optional we have alot of ppl that hate gw and don’t play at all


If you are interested you can reply or pm gilgamesh or myself.

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It is nice to see there are some options out here.

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boundica I reply your guild thread. I would be interested. Let me know :slight_smile: