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Any good Fairie Fire teams/troop combos out there?

So, Glitterclaw can Faerie Fire all enemies, and Fey Wand (hero) can then deal boosted damage with it. So, is there anyone else who has a neat team that might utilize these troops, or take advantage of this entire team Faerie Fire trick?

My math with the two troops involved at the moment (After Glitterclaw casts Faerie Fire on all enemies), is this:
Fey Wand: Deal [Magic + 10] damage randomly split amongst enemies, boosted by enemies w/ Faerie Fire. [8x]
So that means (Mag + 10 + 8*Faerie Fired enemies)*1.5.

So let’s just say 5, 10, 15 hero magic for simplicity. That’s about 70 dmg for 5 magic, and 78 dmg for 10 magic, and about 85 dmg for 15 magic. That’s a decent amount of damage getting splashed across the enemy team.

So does anybody have any team ideas, or experience in this kind of team?