Any good Creeping Death teams?

What are some good Creeping Death teams?

I used to use:

+2 purple banner
Creeping Death (or Morthani’s Scythe) with Necromancer for souls, or Sorceror for a magic boost
Giant Spider

Golem, fully-traited, protects the team and reduces all enemy armor. Valkyrie feeds Giant Spider who feeds the Hero.

You might also look for troops with either the Doom trait (deal double skull damage vs death marked enemies) or Death Touch (inflict death mark when doing skull damage). It might be fun to replace Golem with one of those.

The Creeping

Unicorn Banner

Green Seer
Creeping Death (Sorcerer Class)
Giant Spider

With two “Magic Link” traits giving +2 Purple and +2 Purple from the Banner, ~2/3 of the time Green Seer gets fully charged with one 3-match of Purple and the rest writes itself!

edit: You don’t even need Behemoth at the top. I only put him there for his Immense and Impervious Traits. Just don’t Mana-block Purple or Green at all, try not to block Yellow, and sorta kinda try not to block Blue. For top troop, Brown is ideal choice; Brown/Blue second choice; A Blue/Brown/Yellow troop third choice.

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Snowy Owl
Creeping Death(Sorcerer)

Abyssal Banner

Every creeping death team is good.

I always end up getting wasted at least two troops.

I’ve had a lot of success this week with this set up:

Abyssal Banner

The Silvermaiden - level 19 - fully traited’
Creeping Death (Sorcerer)
Wight - level 17 - fully traited
Dark Troll - level 18 - no traits.

Silvermaiden (purple/blue) is a tank that protects troops below from skulls.

Creeping death (purple) is mana blocked by Silvermaiden initially, but fortunately, Silvermaiden fills mana pretty quickly - I don’t think I ever lost a match because of it… I usually let Silverrmaiden get hammered till near death before deciding whether or not to activate her ability.

Wight (red/blue) can target specific enemies and provides synergy (a few purple gems) with Creepng Death, every time Wight fires off a shot. Wight also gains health with every shot and can eventually become a bit tanky.

Dark Troll (red/brown) doubles the purple gems on the board and if timed right (I usually wait until there are at least 10 to 12 purple gems) can be a game changer.

I don’t know how well this will continue to work beyond this week. I just put the team together to take advantage of the special status The Silvermaiden has this week for getting double Traitstones.

Actually I have one of this teams (like always)

This is my actual team:

  • Emperor Korvash

  • Giant Spider

  • Creeping Dead (sorceress class hero)

  • Death

A lot of deathmark always give good results, but sometimes also a lot of bad luck if no one kill the enemy.

It works really good, is a basic one if you have Death of course. Korvash is good in every build.