Any Chance of Gems of War Artwork on NeonMob?

NeonMob is a website for collecting and trading digital art “cards”. I’ve come across some really spiffy artwork there, and was wondering if the developer/publisher/whoever owns the rights to the artwork would be interested in releasing a series for NeonMob. It could be a neat way to pick up a few new players and some beer/pizza money for the office.

Oh, and here’s my referral link in case anyone wants to sign up and give me a little bonus :wink:

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Thanks for this link! I’ve never heard about this site before. I like the idea of telling a story through a set of trading cards. I’ll have to break out my digital paintbrush. :smile_cat:

Some of my favorite story-based sets have already sold out, but two neat ones that are in print are The Road to Epoli (based on the webcomic Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo) and Chameleon Skyline. For out of print sets, The Light is probably my favorite.

If you’re interested in NeonMob, you’ll probably want to check out the Facebook group NeonMobsters, where people discuss trades and post promotional links for free packs of newly released series.

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