Anu's Sceptre bonus


When does the Radiant and Enchanting bonuses take effect? My troops are not getting 1 mana nor is my hero becoming enchanted at the start of battle. Wasn’t sure if this is a bug or me not understanding how the bonuses for this particular weapon works.

Thanks in advance!


You need to cast it
Only the first 5 stat boosts are applied at the start of the battle


Basically, if it says “bonus”, then the said thing is applied at the start of the battle; otherwise (when no “bonus” is mentioned) casting the spell activates the effect.


Thank you, @noob! I had so many activated traits on my troops that I could not see that those 2 activated after I cast. I played with a stripped down team and was able to see it work. Appreciate your response!

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Thank you, @Dust_Angel! You taught me something new!