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**Answered** **User Error** Misread card. Said Random Ability not Specified

**Platform, device version and
-Android, Fire8HD,

Screenshot or image
**What you were expecting
-I was expecting Owleth ability to drain all my characters magic by 18, instead only 2 were drained.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
-I’ve just noticed in the last couple days, but it’s happened more than once

Steps to make it happen again
-The last time it happened I was playing Pet Rescue. Owleth is an enemy (not sure if it happens with Owleth on your team…

For spells with random skill reduction, the random skill is rolled independently for each target (unlike, say, Plauge’s trait, which rolls the same skill to be reduced on every target per activation). It looks like your Gorgotha and Dragon Soul got their life values reduced, and the other two got their magic reduced.