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Another thread about making "Poison" more interesting

Right now poison is rather limited in its current state apart from some synergizing combos (i.e. Euryali/Scorpius).

Today: Poisoned troops have 50% chance to take 1 damage, and can die from it.

My suggestion works the poison effect differently, but I think GOW team can make some nice troops in the future on it.

The change to Poison would make it similar to Bleed… one can inflict up to 1-5 stacks of poison on any given troop. The higher the stack, the more “venomous” the poison is. However you would not be able to die from Poison. Afflicted troops would stop at 1 life, unless they’re also bleeding.
1 stack = 50% chance to take 2 damage/turn (or 5% of max life per turn)
2 stacks = 50% chance to take 4 damage/turn (or 7% of max life per turn)
3 stacks = 50% chance to take 6 damage/turn (or 9% of max life per turn)
4 stacks = 50% chance to take 8 damage/turn (or 11% of max life per turn)
5 stacks = 50% chance to take 10 damage/turn (or 13% of max life per turn)

In turn from this, GOW team could probably make more interesting troops that do something based off their missing life, or a troop that poisons its own team to help synergize that. We have Hydra and Berserker as an example, but they’re kinda boring. It could also make some curent possible combos more appealing (i.e. Mother of Darkness and Euryali on the same team could get interesting)

Anyhow… there it is. Another random rambling.

Anything based on fixed values does become irrelevant over the course of the game. This sort of change would make the game harder on newcomers, but barely be a change in later builds.
If you actually want to mix things up, make it percentage-based. 10% of maximum life per turn has a whole new ring to it.


I could go for that.

Similar to bleed, not enough fights last long enough to get benefit.

Would be better if: 50% chance to take 1 damage per round. If damage occurs, 20% of it being fatal.

How about life cannot be healed or gained while poisoned?

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Maybe not 100% but half? Perhaps 50% is a good start. Also if we are to make it more interesting… Why not have it proc EVERY TIME the poisoned unit gain an extra turn? :slight_smile:

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Because it isn’t quite horrible enough yet to have death mark in this game? We need a way to double those odds?