Another error the game expects me to understand

Here you go:

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In my opinion, developers owe users errors that are either actionable (and give clear steps for resolution) or general “something went wrong” messages with a numeric code they can look up on the back end during support calls. I am a programmer so I happen to know what many of these messages mean, but to most people they’re just gibberish – and me knowing what they mean doesn’t allow me to take action to prevent or work around them. They might as well say, “Pizza taco salamander banana cheesecake [OK]” for all the value they’re providing.


My favourite error message (from another game) was:

“The action you tried to perform encountered an error. A solution will be delivered… when it is fixed.”


Yeah, error messages are an art. That said, I’ve seen error messages in this game that are just…unprocessed JSON payloads. It’s hard to get more obtuse than that.

I think error messages should come with a “not ok” button for good humour.

I like the sound of that.