Anonymous Guardians, an alliance of 12 guilds with a diverse range of requirements. We welcome players at various playing levels - very new and still learning to shrewd veteran with a keen eye on details. Currently there are slots open in all our guilds, and we’re recruiting for all of them.

***Also exclusively on the Anonymous Guardians server we offer Panda School, by our very own Panda Lovers GL! If you are anywhere from a beginner to a mid gamer (or higher!) who needs help fine tuning your account, school is in session!

The Head Panda and her tutors will come up with a lesson plan tailored for you! Questions are answered and coaching is available!***

Marthos Guardians:
A competitive guild in all areas of the game:

  • legendary tasks every week
  • all guild events closed
  • guild wars bracket 2
  • 1,5M gold
  • 1000 trophies
  • guild events participation
  • 40k+ guild wars score

    A competitive guild in Guild wars:
  • legendary task every week
  • all guild events closed
  • guild war bracket 1
  • Level 1200+
  • 1,5M Gold
  • Guild events optional (except Gws and journey)
  • 53k+ Guild Wars score

    Is a laid-back guild for active but relaxed players.
  • legendary task every week
  • all guild events closed
  • guild war bracket 10/14
  • level 1000+
  • 1,6M gold
  • 1500 seals
  • participate in all events
  • guild wars optional

Light Army
The focus of LA is being the chill place for both veterans and rising stars.
legendary task every week:

  • all guild events closed
  • guild bracket 5-8
  • level 1000+
  • 1,5M gold
  • 300 trophies
  • 1500 seals
  • sufficient participation in weekly guild events
  • play all 30 guild wars battles
  • 25 floors in ToD

    Avengers Anonymous
    We are the step between the alliance’s mid GWs guilds to our top GWs guild and will welcome anyone who is a GWs lover and/or is willing to learn and have fun with us
  • legendary tasks every week
  • all guild events closed
  • Guildwars brackets 3 to 4
  • 850k gold
  • No trophies
  • 1,200 seals
  • play all free sigils in event + tier 3
  • play your 30 GWs battle with daily color teams

    End gamers wanting to slow down are welcome, as well as midgame players who want to grow in a stimulating and helpful environment
  • epic task
  • legendary tasks ( Gws week)
  • all guild events reach Stage 12, sometimes higher
  • bracket 15
  • level 700+
  • 750k gold
  • 250 trophies
  • 1500 seals
  • participate in all guild events with free sigils
  • GW is optional

    Drums of Krynn
    A great place to grow and learn the ropes of Guild Wars on your way to the top, or to share your expertise as a Guild Wars veteran and help newer players develop their game.
    We offer:
  • Basic Tasks:
  • Epic Tasks:
  • Legendary Tasks:GW weeks
  • Guild Events: Stage 12+
  • GW Bracket: 10-11
  • 250 000 Gold
  • 100 Trophies
  • 1000 Seals
  • Participate in all guild events
  • Play your 30 GW battles

    Drums of Thunder
    We’re happy to teach you the ropes and help you grow in the game, but also offer a slightly competitive guild that likes to finish the weekly event and take part in Guild Wars.
  • epic tasks
  • legendary tasks (Gw weeks)
  • all guild events closed
  • guild bracket 12
  • 300k gold
  • 300 trophies
  • 1350 seals
  • play all free sigils in events + tier 2 buy
  • play your 30 Gw battles

    Dark Chocoholics
    We are a semi-relaxed balanced guild
  • basic tasks
  • epic tasks 1 or 2
  • guild events stage 9+
  • 100k gold
  • 200 trophies
  • 1100 seals
  • participate in events as you can
  • guild war recommended

    Dark Pandas Lovers:
    3 guilds for beginners, with different requirements and a dedicated tutoring, the perfect place to learn about the game and to grow
  • some basic tasks completed
  • guild events 6+/9+
  • guild wars low/mid bracket experience
  • 0/50k gold
  • 50/100 trophies
  • guild events participation
  • 250/500 seals

Come and check us out at the same place: Anonymous Guardians!

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Several of our guilds are looking for players, including mine (Avengers).

We have something for every style of play and every level, from new players to veterans. :slightly_smiling_face:

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