Annoying and Repetitive - Boss Battle message/s - solution inside!


I’ll be simple and blunt here.

I don’t think it’s necessary that we get the same message all over again - about the Boss Battle/s.

Instead, add that nosy Luther to the mix and make sure that this message is a one-time-only training message that Luther himself delivers.

That way you won’t have to spam or remind us again about the Boss Battle/s.
The message was delivered, and we know about it. It saves time and less clicking is better as well.

P.S.: If such a (similar) suggestion has already been made, I apologize, but it just had to be said.


All the unnecessary clicks in Explore are intended. Devs said looking at this issue has low priority. (I think it was a Dev Stream, maybe it was a post here in the forums.)

In other words: They are here and they are to stay.

It’s part of Dev politics to slow down the grind. (Others call it “ressource farming nerf”.)

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They need to ask themselves something else as well.
Is it worth losing money when players get annoyed by such cheap tactics? The answer is NO.

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Moreover, all those extra clicks are adding to my cts.


They have the financial data, we don’t. My guess is they’ve instead asked, “Are we losing money because of players annoyed by this?” and determined the answer is “no”. Player loss is probably more typically related to several combined causes in unison, and my opinion is their behavior indicates new players are filtering in at a fast enough rate to cover attrition. (Or that their attrition rate is fine for a game this old.)

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If they can link players quitting to something like this they have telepaths on staff!
As you say, this is more a drop in the bucket and at some point buckets spill and every drop added counts.

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