Annoyances in GOW (IMO)

I don’t read the forum and this will be my first and only post. These are just my opinions and I probably won’t be returning to the forum after posting this. I just see this game being so much more than it is so I thought I would take the time to “complain” a little.

The UI

This is a stats driven game. Sure, the lore is a nice bonus but it should not take priority over valuable information about the game especially when everything revolves around boosting your troops and kingdoms to gain as much magic, life, armor and attack as possible. This information should be organized more efficiently and easily accessible. For example, when entering the class menu I shouldn’t have to click through multiple screens to find out what monster type and kingdom each class associates with. Why can’t this information be immediately on the banner screen? Two extra lines of text is all that is necessary right below the class name.

Similarly to the above, delves should have a lot more information displayed on the loading screen. I shouldn’t have to commit a sigil to see the map layout, color restrictions, etc. All of this should be immediately visible (or a click away) from the main faction page.

Mana should not become hidden when a troop is silenced or has its skill fully charged. I personally don’t care how pretty the ability animation is and even those that do could benefit from continuing to have such information persist. If I am running a troop like The Gray King it would be nice to continue to see the mana distribution for the entire enemy team to see which color would be most efficient to target (without having to manually click on each of said troops).

Lets not kid ourselves, to gain any real value from the campaign you have to buy the battle pass. On the stream your staff suggested these are missions we do anyway. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Things like the arena and using complete garbage classes are an uninspiring borefest. I would never touch these game modes unless it somehow became mandatory or “encouraged” to avoid spending valuable in-game currency. We are already paying you money for the battle pass so why make this a painful grind? Have all missions be active simultaneously and not require visiting the menu to click them off when complete. That would be a start.

There are a lot more UI related issues to list but it should be quite obvious that the game is failing in this regard when third party resources need to be created outside of the game by the community to more easily view this information.


This game is sorely lacking in creativity. All the stats we gain are meant for what specifically, guild wars? This is the only place stat grinding actually pays off in any meaningful way and the only place players can actually interact with one another. The rest of the game is strictly pve. So why are we stuck with boring game modes like arena, bounty events… actually all the new events that are just endless grinds. Why not have special modes where things like multiple weapon skills can be merged, class skill trees merged, using 5 troops, summoning a power from a troop not on your team for a single use, weapon augments that are like medals but provide a cool special effect etc. There are limitless ideas to make the game super fun to play and have the rewards tuned accordingly so the economy doesn’t get out of hand. I get it though, it’s a lot easier to do the minimal amount of work to extract the maximum value (aka $$) from your player base. Why put in all the development effort to do fun and interactive things when you can just be like “oh, they are getting close to the kingdom level/power level caps… better raise them some more”. Is this what we can expect until the game eventually dies? Stat boosting will absolutely kill your chances to get new players who will run as soon as they see the mountain they have to climb to compete with the veterans. Instead of boosting stats endlessly, please infuse some creativity into this game.

Grief Mechanics

Endless looping troops that also do a lot of damage.

Entangle, freezing etc. applied to your troop before the game even starts via class talents.

These things needs to be tuned to make the game more skill based instead of RNG based. There should always be a win condition. Starting a game you have no prayer of winning is not a fun experience for anyone.

I would personally enjoy a harder ai but with things like freezing and entangle only be applied after the weapon (class) is used the first time. Troops that loop (gob, bee, etc.) shouldn’t also do a huge amount of damage. I am sure people have complained plenty about empowered troop but they keep coming so I guess that is a moot point.

Final Thoughts

People play games to have fun, a little escapism, and, in the case of gatcha games, feel powerful after collecting everything. There is no reason a mostly single player game should be a massive uninspiring borefest especially when it has so much potential.


Annoyance is being rather polite. It actually disrespects your player base to include challenges like complete delves at level 80 or above. What a waste of time. Makes the game seem a waste of time. If delves are done who wants to re do them. Shameful game planning. And not the frickin arena again, a long neglected area of the game. Well I may finish out my season pass like many, but dont expect any investment or play in another. Who likes endless repetition. Get creative like suggested above. Currently recycling piffle is laughable game management. if it didn’t involve a true investment of time and yes for the pass actual money. Horrid effort overall. Rating 0 out of 10.

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Great post. Hero should have his Kingdom and troop type on his image within the class menu. It’s just text after all. I agree with the OP completely

Not really IMHO. With all empowered converters, there are always option to stuck as many as you can with Zuul and Co and go to town. I think, after about 14K it does not matter if you have 14K or 16K, so there is no point. All other modes are essentially stat-irrelevant, especially new world events, which rather rely on spending some gems and getting enough tokens/potions/whatever.

The game in its current meta essentially lacks a meaningful purpose apart from collecting collectibles. Players spend some gems to get some rewards, which give some useless stat bonus to get the rewards easier and spend less gems to be able to spend more gems on keys during the mythic week? This seems a bit silly. Moreover, the more stats you gain, the less meaningful these stat bonuses are percentage-wise and the less impact they have on what is actually happening.

There are certain stages, like acquisition of Dawnbringer, all cards, all weapons, Zuul, leveling kingdoms, etc. But once this is all done, it is simply inertia in terms of getting things. Other than that, the game still remains a nice time killer, which is its main purpose as it were in the beginning. So, seriously, unless you enjoy the actual gameplay, there is no point like in any game, really.

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