Announcements when troops will get released in drop pools/Soulforge needs to be clear

As the title says, I think there is room for improvement.


Preferably announcements that do not rely on mods (info available in-game would be swell), since we have seen the question being dodged for weeks (not the first time they selectively dodge questions), while they promptly spend time and energy (valuable resources in such a small team, as they often remind us) justifying how their illustrators are not programmers…
:roll_eyes: :person_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Maybe if at least they started using a calendar and verified on the day a troop is supposed to be available that it is… that’d be a start.

… because we shouldn’t need to have the same ‘troop release reminder’ threads every other month.

Just use a damn calendar and apply fixes as needed. Seriously…


Given the community has rightfully been calling them out on it with the same or worsening responses (or a lack thereof), I’d disagree.

It’s the whole dang house for improvement at this rate.


The people, who know, when a troop is released, do not communicate with the players.
The people, who communicate with the players, do not know, when a troop is released.

Maybe we should simply stop pretending, it was otherwise.

I do not feel bad for Jeto, Kafka and so on in the slightest, they are paid to take the blame. Maybe we should just finally clarify, that they do know as little and have as little influence as everyone else, instead of posting “announcements”, that may or may not be correct.