Anime and Manga club rank 7343. Chill guild with carry leader

I need people to fill up the free spots of my guild. I have my own reasons for leaving my previous guild and making my own one. There are no donation requirements, just let me carry you. Post your invite code below if you are interested so I can add you. As long as you play the game weekly I won’t have any issues with you.

Also I want to say in advance that I’m not looking to join any other guild. I’ve made my own and I’m sticking to it till the end. I rather quit the game forever, than join somebody else’ guild.

Hello, still looking to recruit more people. Currently 6/26 spots are taken.

Current rank: plat 3 (+50% daily gold)

Our current statue lvls are: red - 7, blue - 16, green 2, yellow 9, purple 7, brown 7.