Android stays in wake mode

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Since last patch on Android 7.1.1 the phone will stay in wake mode and not go to sleep unless I manually turn it off or force stop the app. If I manually turn off the screen then the next time i receive a notification it stays in wake mode.


It doesn’t come from 7.1.1 but from something that was done last week.
My phone is on android 6, and don’t go in sleep mode since thursday or friday I would say;

GoW is already an hell for battery life, so without sleep mode :confused:

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same here, maybe this is the thing to blame :unamused: :

i didnt notice since i rarely play gow on mobile buf if thats the case then id also like it to be able to go to sleep mode like before

thank you for putting this out

To add : GoW disable the wake mode even when in backgound task… My phone stay awake even if i’m not in GoW, but I did not kill the app…

My fear is that like for the enormous and non-explicable batter drain, the developers don’t really carre about this problem :confused:

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Omg this has been driving me crazy for days. I thought there was something wrong with my phone until I figured out just now that GoW is causing it.

As long as the game is running, even in the background, my phone will not automatically go to sleep at all. Even when it’s sitting at the lock screen. As soon as I manually kill GoW, my phone resumes going to sleep normally.

I collect tributes every hour when I can, so it will be annoying to have to load the game and remember to kill it each time, just to restore basic hardware functionality to my phone…

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all that i can help with for now is the apps im using to set up screen-off at certain times, so thats why i didnt notice gow disabling sleep mode:

  • Screen Off (from Cheetah Mobile) - it turns the screen off when you launch/click this app, does not require root

  • Phone Schedule (from Anton C.) - allows you to programm certain actions on the phone to be performed for you on certain hour/day on weekly basis (not a calendar form), does not require root, one of the actions it can do is launch an app for you (so you can launch Screen Off at certain hour and your phone will go to sleep)

Lol. Me too! I kept checking my phone setting, even restarted it few times.

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Ah, to clarify, I can still put the phone in sleep mode if I press the power button. It just doesn’t auto-sleep after x seconds/minutes of inactivity. Those apps sound like they’d be useful if I couldn’t make my phone sleep at all.

its for when you forget to do it - they will do it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am kinda new to the forum, do the devs usually respond to let us know it is being worked on or is a wait and see what happens next patch kind of approach?

I have said update , i have to manually turn off my screen when the game is in the background.

Corrected for me, since 3.0 :thumbsup:


we did it!
“Fixed a bug on Android where the device wouldn’t sleep if the game was open.”