[Android] Hellcrag is missing from the map

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I want to participate in the kingdom pass, but I can’t enter hellcrag. I have All kingdoms and factions unlocked, but hellcrag is not visible.
Client version 6.4.0r36279

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You have some unfinished kingdom quest and class questlines (indicated by the red markers next to your Kingdoms) that is likely what is stopping you. I can’t say for sure as I haven’t got a newer account to test on

Just double checked against my map and you have some kingdoms missing too. I’ll add the full map in below for you to compare against but nexus is missing from what I can see straight away


Thanks for the answer. Not having the quests done didn’t stop me from accessing Bright forest or Sin of Maraj when they came out.
Would be a silly monetization strategy to release new content with a battlepass only to people who have gone through 300+ quest battles.

And yeah, nexus isn’t there, I didn’t even know it existed. The underground factions pop in regularly, never had an issue there.

Sorry to of been the bearer of bad news there, grab a rowanne team and try to blast through what you can

Thanks for the prompt reply. No hard or personal feelings :wink:

I find it odd that a new content would be hidden behind quests with game not even telling you that you need to do the quests first. At no point does the game tell you that you need to do kingdom quests to progress. That’s bad game design.

Would love confirmation from devs, or someone who has access to the new kingdoms without doing the quests.

Just to clarify, these two are not mutually exclusive. The Kingdom Pass is explained here:

Let us know if you still need to further understand how this works.

Access to Hellcrag, the new Kingdom, is very likely as Hawx explained, based on how access to Nexus worked. Feel free to wait for devs to respond to this with the same. :innocent:

Thanks for the reply, this solves it then.

I don’t think I’d find the time to do all the quests. That’s why I don’t have them in the first place.
Really odd design decision to restrict access to such a small (I assume) group of players. Especially as troops are available to a wider audience. What I’ll be missing out on is the kingdom bonuses.

Going through all the (very easy) quests just for the sake of this doesn’t seem to be appealing at all.

Thank you again for the explanation.

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There’s quite a lot of benefits to doing them though
1- they unlock various kingdom challenges. Each kingdom has 10 tiers of kingdom challenges which each give:


2- unlock different game modes and features like soulforge, arena etc

3- rewards you with some decent troops that are in some pretty popular (even endgame) builds… We are looking at Rowanne there


I agree that it’s worth doing the Kingdom questlines (if you can), but this part was changed in 6.2. It now depends on Hero Level and World Quest completion to unlock game modes. :innocent:

One other benefit:

  1. One more Kingdom that can give you tributes.

Hero classes - if you don’t do kingdom quest lines, you don’t get to unlock hero classes.