Analysis of the Arena of Valor reward system in comparison to existing events

I think realistically most people will see the 1 day version as a bonus of few keys and 10 diamonds, if they were already doing 3 runs for offers. The weekend version gets 2 more event keys. Something is better than nothing I guess. It could be a better though.

Can you please review the reward model again? For the weekend version, it’s taking a slot from Bounty/Invasion/Raid Boss - these give 25-30 diamonds, more keys and 4/5 Orbs of Chaos plus 2 Major Orbs - to simplify let’s say the equivalent of 12-13 Orbs of Chaos. For 60-100 battles! Even if the valor requirements are reset to 45 after a full round of rewards, that’s still 84 battles (70 for VIP free win) for ONE single orb of chaos. Most players will take 2-3+ hours for a single round, so even if they spend 24 hours, that’s

8-12 orbs of chaos (less than Guild weekend events)
60-80 diamonds (2-3x Guild weekend events**)
360-480 writs

** The time spent in Arena of Valor to generate this many diamonds if spent on Exploring for Gold after finishing Invasion/Raid events will pay for enough LTs (x30 guild members) to more than make up 60 diamonds - worth about 30 gem/event keys

~1 Imperial Deed after 3 weekend Arena of Valor events, so maybe 3 extra Imperial Deeds per year. And still a decision was made to SCALE THE VALOR requirements infinitely??

I left out Vault events since they are harder to quantify. But with the much appreciated new pity keys and the sheer number of gnomes available in 24 hours of play, I’m almost certain (without calculating it fully) that there will be quite a number of orbs to be had, and at least equivalent number of diamonds/gem/event keys to Raid/Invasion/Bounty events.

(Edit - forgot about the 400-500 gem entrance fee for Raid/Invasion/Bounty, but the numbers are still completely out of whack)