An option to cast spells in one click

As it is right now, it is possible. I find the easiest way to repro is Pridelands, with 3 Bad Tarot troops, and a hero with a targeted spell.
Rakshanin may be stunned with a cast, allowing it to be targeted.

Thematically, I think it makes more sense for those effects to happen after the cast, a residual effect of magic. Programmatically, I understand why they did it at time of cast.

Yeah, it’s weird. A few other examples I can think of:

  • Tal’Rae + Bad Tarot: if it Webs an opponent then free double damage!
  • Viper vs. Stealthy: If one non-Stealthy opponent is weak enough for that 3 damage to kill it, then the Stealthy target is now exposed to direct attacks
  • Rakshanin vs. Tihamata: That +10 Life means +5 more damage
  • Mind Eater vs. Dark Monolith: Can ALWAYS steal more Magic. In fact, it’s one of the few that can ultimately reduce Dark Monolith’s Magic stat at all.
  • Agave vs. Mage Hunter (e.g. Cernunnos): Always deals double damage.

Admittedly these are narrow matchups but…

I kind of want to compose a “deep dive” into this topic, but that will take a while. For example, if the order of events is tweaked so that on-cast traits occur AFTER selecting a target (thus enabling the player to cancel), then situations like Stun vs. Rakshanin are no longer possible.

Getting back to the topic of making the game less clunky: the auto-cast feature could be implemented by defining hotkeys 1-4 for the troops (yours and rivals). Hitting 1,1 means cast the spell of your topmost troop on the topmost enemy. Gem targetting still remains the same (mouse).

Anyways, hotkeys is a nice feature to have regardless of the proposed auto-cast.

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