An "Artsy" Recruitment

An “Arsty” Recruitment Post…

TRIBUTE by: “Velyndra” of The Golden Phoenix Inn

I found myself roaming the land of Krystara for many cycles, traveling many miles to reach a destination unknown, trying to find my way. The soles of my feet have felt every jagged rock of the ground, my eyes have seen every formation of the clouds above, and my body has been weather-beaten with each passing day. I did not know where I was heading, but I knew I had to continue forward. Aimlessly, my determination pushed me when I struggled, and pull me when I was just about ready to give up. I craved relief. Then one day, off the beaten path, I stumbled across a cabin. What is this place? The light shining from the windows washed my eyes with a pleasant, Golden glow. The foundation looked strong; giant timber adorned the outside from top to bottom, and cobblestones formed a walkway to the entrance. Curiously, I stumbled my way toward the door, hoping to find some rest. As I opened the door, the warmth from the inside of the lodging enveloped all around my body, shielding me from the cold outside. My eyes began to focus as I entered, and I came to the realization that I had stepped inside of an inn. “Close the door, will ya! It’s freezing outside!” a voice yelled from across the room. What have I just discovered? I began to wonder. The rustic inside of the lodging looked particularly welcoming. The fireplace burned brightly; various books with infinite knowledge lay atop the above shelf, and across the many bookshelves along the wall. Tables were placed in the middle of the room with nourishment littered across them, with many of the patrons partaking in a feast. I spotted a bar in the far back of the room lined with vast quantities of mead. The person whose voice I heard just a moment ago came up to me and offered me a seat at the bar stand.

“Excuse me, where am I?” I asked.

“Why, you’re in the GOLDEN PHOENIX INN! I’m Xandestria. See my buddy over there working the bar? That’s Terri. Come on, have a seat up there. What’s your name?”

“Velyndra. I’m just a lowly sorceress traveling throughout this land.” I said.

“Well then, Velyndra the lowly traveling sorceress, I’m glad you’re in here and out of that cold weather. It’s been dangerous to be outside these past couple of weeks, on account of those dastardly Goblins roaming about.”

I sat at the bar, and Terri greeted me. “What can I get ya? I reckon you probably need something to warm you up. Here, try some of this.”

Terri poured a drink into a small mug and handed it to me. I took a sip of the mead, and it warmed my soul. The spirit went down smoothly.

“This is quite delicious!” I exclaimed.

“We have only the finest mead here.” Xandestria chimes in.

I did not know how to describe what I was feeling deep inside, but this place, this “GOLDEN PHOENIX INN”, it was nice. It felt like somewhere I have always dreamed, but never been. It felt like a home more than just an inn. I looked over across my shoulder and spotted a man at a single roundtable, fumbling through various documents; writing furiously as he flipped through the parchment. There was a certain aura emanating from his presence; I could feel a connection between him and the inn. “Him? Oh, that’s the boss. Everyone calls him Mad, on account he comes up with some absolutely crazy ideas.” Terri said. “He runs the place; always busy, always working non-stop. He built this inn from the ground up, along with myself, Berlos, and a few others. I swear, one day I’m going to kick Mad in his rear and tell him to take a vacation. He definitely deserves it after all of the work he’s put into this place.”

The innkeeper comes over to the front of the bar excitingly and sits down next to me. “Gimme a pint. No, actually, make it double. I got it, Terri! I finally got it!” I can see his eyes widening with excitement.

“Working hard again, Mad? And what exactly have you “got” this time?” Terri snarkily asks.

“The plan to expand.” Mad says proudly.

“This is already a nice place you have here.” I say.

“It’s gonna be bigger.” Mad says. “I have had dreams for the longest time, dreams of expanding throughout all of Krystara. I’m telling ya, Terri, it’s gonna happen. We’re gonna run this entire land. Every corner of Krystara will know the name GOLDEN PHOENIX INN. We’re going to be an inn where traveler aplenty can enter and be welcomed. A place where guilds from across the nation can set foot to prepare for battle. I’m gonna do it. No, WE’RE gonna do it!”

“I’m right there with ya, boss, just as I was with you there from the beginning. Just, remember to take care of yourself, too, okay? Don’t want you getting burnt out.” Terri says. “Vel, can I call you Vel? You must be weary from all the traveling you’ve been doing. We have a warm bed upstairs. Take a night here. We can reconvene in the morning, then you can tell us your story…”

“Yes, and welcome to THE GOLDEN PHOENIX INN.” Mad says to me. “Please enjoy your stay.”

. . .

Years later, the ideas that the Mad King excitingly revealed that first night have come to fruition. The GOLDEN PHOENIX INN is no longer just an ‘inn’, it is a keep, in more than just name alone. THE GOLDEN KEEP, a place that welcomes weary travelers. A place with good people. A place that contains the knowledge of Krystara within it. A place with the finest mead. It is a place that welcomed me in when I was lost. Over the years, I have seen many come and go throughout the keep. Many Guilds have entered the keep, from Dark Tidings, Predators, Aurora Hall, Tigerclaw, Wasted Talent, Night Furies, and Hung Jury. All of them have been welcomed in, finding respite within the walls, and have carried the name of THE GOLDEN KEEP throughout all of Krystara. I have roamed the lands of Krystara for many years now. I have an infinite number of stories to tell from the things I have experienced. No matter how far I have traveled, though, I have always found a home back in THE GOLDEN KEEP…

A few of our guilds are looking for active, daily players of all stages! From beginner to end game, there is a place for you at The Golden Keep! Each of the guilds’ requirements are listed below in the photo.

The guilds that have opens spots are as followed: Crimson Avengers, Hung Jury, Dark Tidings, Tiger Claw, Night Furies, & Aurora Hall.

For more information, please find us on discord: [The Golden Keep]


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