An active hero is looking for active guild

Hi heroes!

I am active hero (Ork) 320lvl+
At the moment I am in guild 300lvl+, they look like active, but I think could be better.

So, I’m going to find a guild where are really strong requirements:

  1. 1500 seals per week
  2. 30000*N gold per week (N < 5)
  3. Something else

It is difficult to find it using in-game interface.
Awaiting for invitation :slight_smile:

PC/mobile platform

It will be easier for a GM to recruit you if you post the following:

1–On what platform do you play?
2–What can you contribute by way of requirements? I.e: what are your typical weekly earnings?

Good luck—and let me know if you play on Xbox! :smiley:


PC/mobile platform. Sorry))

I earn 1500 seals, 500+ trophies weekly
I don’t know exactly about gold, but I think it’s about 500k in average.
And I take part in all guild events, of course

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Heya, are you still looking for a guild? We dont have the highest requirements but maybe it’s good enough for you. Our minimum requirements are 1100 seals and gold depends on your level, as long as your kingdoms are not level 10 you shouldn’t spend gold to the guild tasks and very important to us is that you join our discord server. If you are interested, join our discord server: r7qZ7AC

I found a guild of my dream, I believe :smiley:


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I’ve been back =)
invite code - KNEKHT_JSBQ

Prancypants is a casual guild if you’re interested.

Everyone joins as a Fresh Pair, and how you do in the week event determines your rank. Only 750 seals and 100 trophies needed, no gold donations. Weekend events are optional. Only 2,000 GW points (one fight win or lose) required.

Discord is optional. GoW: Prancypants If anything important is happening there, someone will paste it to ingame chat.

Right now we are full but I kick people every Sunday. Feel frew to hang out in discord if you want. Or if you find a better fit, no hard feelings. :slightly_smiling_face: