Amount of souls shown in a bar upper left

I want a little bar for souls in the upper left in the world map. Like we have for gold and glory.
What do you say? :slight_smile:


please please please!


Yes, please :sunglasses:


It’s fine where it is for me. It’s where it needs to be.

Yes this please!!!


I just want to add that I have no preference on the physical location of the indicator on the map screen, I just would love to be able to know my soul count at a glance without checking collections or selecting troops and clicking through a card just to bring up the current amount.

Your mileage may vary, but I have often wished for something like this as a quality of life upgrade :coffee:


For the reasons stated to well here.

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Couldnt had said it better myself. It’s a nice spot for it at the left side from the glory at the top tho, but I agree, it doesnt matter were it ends up, as long as it is in the world map.


Short poem or accidental rhyme?
on topic, i want it there as well but i would rather a notification of when i can level up a troop.

be a nice addition since everything else is pretty much seen from map, why not souls to!!


You can, if you click Hero, collection. It’s not obvious, mind you.

You may misunderstand what “at a glance” means, usually it is something that requires no effort (or in this case clicking) plus to be fair Malkav did mention not checking collections which I took to mean the hero option.


My bad. I didn’t read that “checking collections” bit, which is exactly what I told him he could do.
So you know. Just ignore me.

Carry on.


No problem at all.

And you can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes as I noticed in another thread that you play Puerto Rico.

One of my favorite games, Race for the Galaxy, is based on that design. Board Game Geeks Unite! :game_die:


Race For the Galaxy was an awesome game, for the first three expansions. The fourth didn’t do it for me.
My friends and I played RftG a whole lot. it was our “go to” game, for months.

We even tried the drafting variant. It took a lot longer, but it was a blast!

Have you tried the new one, Roll for the Galaxy?


I have not. I keep planning on getting a copy. I have watched a few play-throughs, however.

For me it is also fine if its shown in the troops screen, but it is such a hassle to have to go into the crafting menu of a specific troop…

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cute squeak

Yes please!

Me too on the yes please!