Ambiguous troop restrictions (Journey)

iPhone 12 mini

Screenshot or image:

The main screen for Journey shows the requirements as “Dragon + Red”. Until I went to the team building screen I thought this might mean “Dragon troops and Red troops are allowed”.

A clearer (and shorter) way to express the actual requirements would be “Red Dragons

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I would have read it the way, it was meant, as an inclusive “and”. I guess, both interpretations are possible.
However your system of typing it out explicitely will get troublesome, once there are events with three or four restrictions in place (something that will inevitably happen in the next five years, judging by the speed, the game gets flooded with new “content”). In one way or another, it will sound odd, when you are starting to handle “Green Bright Forest Knight Mages”.

P.S.: Also it would mean involving the human element of the development team, instead of letting the system handle it by just copying in the restriction.
Experience shows, that this is guaranteed to go wrong.

Doesnt feel epic when human journey comes out :confused:
I am ok with the current one. The “PLUS” is like “&” and not like “OR” so, it’s ok

I figured “red dragons” but I understand why someone could read it as red troops and dragons.

Anybody have a screenshot from a Class Trial event we can use for comparison? That’s the other event type that imposes two Troop requirements (kingdom + troop type).

Hello :slight_smile:

A quick heads up that I’ve moved this thread to the feedback category.

And, thank you for the suggestion, I’ll let the development team know for them to take into consideration.

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Class Trial doesn’t show troop requirements on its overview screen:

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